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I'm Emma, mum of three and a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist. I'm passionate about supporting women with many of the challenges that arise in modern motherhood, and the up-levelling required to become the person and parent you want to be.

If you're feeling lost, struggling with never feeling good enough, or want to live and parent with intention, you're in the right place!

Ditch the guilt, calm your inner critic and find joy (amongst the chaos!) again.

Work with me

One to one hypnotherapy - Is there something you're ready to change? Let's chat about how hypnotherapy can support you to make it happen!

Self care relaxation hypnosis - Relieve stress, quieten your mind and allow your nervous system to reset with a personalised relaxation session.

Group hypnotherapy sessions - coming soon!

brown and gray rock formation near sea
brown and gray rock formation near sea

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